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Fighting cyber-crime is not an easy job and it is not a task the average citizen of Nevada is equipped to tackle. That is where you, cybersecurity professionals, come in.

Cybersecurity professionals are valuable members of their communities. Most Nevadan’s do not comprehend the role cyber professionals play in their lives. From protecting citizen’s digital identities, securing their financial information, to the ever evolving tasks of protecting innovations such as smart cities, all these things, and plenty more, rely on cyber professionals.

If you know of any Cybersecurity resources that CyberSmartNV may have missed – please submit them here. Once reviewed, they may be added to the resource section. Additionally, if you find a resource that is not working, please let the admins know ASAP. “Contact CyberSmartNV Admin.”

At CyberSmart Nevada you will find tools and resources to help further your career. Everything from free cybersecurity training to refine your skills, to free books, and research papers about the business of cybersecurity.

Additionally, there are links to cybersecurity blogs, webinars, and video content that explore and expound upon being a cybersecurity professional in todays every evolving digital world. All of these resources provide invaluable tools and best practices to make your daily job easier.

There is also a “community calendar” where you can find a schedule of events and activities relating to cybersecurity. The calendar will list everything from free trainings, to activities where cybersecurity professionals meet and discuss local concerns and how they are addressing them in their own organizations.

Lastly, CyberSmart Nevada has a built in “Ask an expert” function, where community members can anonymously submit questions to other cybersecurity professionals and get the answers they really need. This function provides an opportunity for cyber professionals to mentor and be mentored by one another.

Thank you for being a part of making Nevada Cyber Smart.

Thank you for being a part of
making Nevada Cyber Smart.