Our Sponsors

CyberSmart sponsors are leaders in the security community. They are vendors, educators, developers, and employers, furthering the mission of more secure and “CyberSmart” computing – for business and for society as a whole. What’s in it for you? CyberSmart sponsorship means face time with security professionals and executives at the highest level. It’s a chance to present to (and interact with) local cyber security leaders. And it’s a super targeted marketing opportunity! You’ll be on site, face-to-face with folks who can buy your product, or refer you to more business in their company or community. What does sponsorship look like? As a CyberSmart sponsor, you’ll have a chance to:
  • Attend and participate in CyberSmart meeting(s), lunch and learns, and special events
  • Appear in print and digital materials
  • Appear on our website
  • Share your contact info with our membership
  • At higher levels of sponsorship: present to the group

CyberSmartNV Sponsorship Levels

  • Tier 1 – $8,000 Represented at every meeting on the banner for one year – May present and educate
  • Tier 2 – $6,000 Represented as second tier on the banner at three meetings – May attend three meetings
  • Tier 3 – $3,000 Represented as third tier on the banner in one meeting – May attend one meeting

Please inquire about our exclusive round tables, executive access, and cadet courses.