Cybersecurity Analyst

Caesars Entertainment – Las Vegas, NV

The Cybersecurity Operations Analyst for Caesars is responsible for implementing the Cybersecurity program and strategy at a tactical and operational level (network, infrastructure, applications and databases) to ensure that security controls are functioning efficiently and effectively, more specifically in the realm of security logging, monitoring, alert management, incident handling, vulnerability and configuration management. Furthermore, this position also supports the Cybersecurity Team in doing security research and development, product evaluations, consulting, project support, and any other operational tasks needed to support the overall requirements of the program and strategy.

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Two Factor Authentication (TFA)

This security measure is utilized when you login to various internet accounts such as banking, email, social media, etc. When entering
Your login credentials into a website and a secondary code is generated and texted back to your cell phone with a random number that requires you to enter it on the website prompt. When the TFA code is entered it allows access to the website application. This is an effective method you can use creating an additional layer of security on your internet accounts. If you receive this TFA random number and you have not logged into your account, there is a good chance it has been compromised. This would allow you to investigate and if needed change your passwords immediately and saving you from a breached account.

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