Where Cybersecurity Professionals Meet

We are a 501.C3 Nonprofit organization focused on the development of cybersecurity talent and resources within the state of Nevada. Our members are information technology providers and professionals who believe that by coming together as focused organization we can effect meaningful change on the path toward building a mature vibrant cybersecurity community in our state and ultimately our nation.

Our Vision:

A “cyber smart” Nevada, adept at thwarting attacks, discouraging fraudsters, reducing cybercrime, and intervening against cyberbullies and predators online.

Our Mission:

Cybersecurity, Patriotism, Community

Our Mission is to positively influence the growth and development of a mature cybersecurity community in Nevada and beyond. We exist to educate, enhance and direct cybersecurity professionals within our organization toward opportunities and events that with help them become stronger contributors to both the profession and the community.

How can we help you? We are sure we can!

Are you a cybersecurity professional looking for a way to connect with other cybersecurity people in our state? Are you an aspiring student hoping to establish a career in cybersecurity one day? Are a provider of cybersecurity resources looking for a way to connect with the community of cybersecurity people in Nevada? If any of these best describe you then we are just the right organization for you. Cybersmart is here to help shed light on the many opportunities and sources of education , funding and mentorship in the field of cybersecurity here in Nevada.

Our present members are volunteers and dedicated cybersecurity professionals looking for a way to bring everyone passionate about the profession together in an organization that is focused on raising the skill and talent level engaged in our area of specialty.

  • Education – providing support and funding to programs that help advance the field of cybersecurity.
  • Best Practices – sharing information with leaders (CISOs and Practitioners).
  • Advocacy –the voice in Nevada for cybersecurity policy.

Founder’s Statement

CyberSmart is a non-profit organization and the brainchild of founder Debbie Banko, CEO, Link Technologies.

CyberSmart was founded in June 2017 and aims to develop a Nevada that is adept at thwarting attacks, discouraging cyber adversaries, reducing cybercrime, and intervening against cyberbullies and online predators. The idea of a community where those who can, will share their knowledge and expertise for the good of all, thus providing a platform for community collaboration and synergy around cybersecurity. This site will serve as a one-stop shop for cybersecurity best practices, meetings, events, and training.